Quick and Easy Stirling Engine

A fully illustrated 50 page book with complete plans and instructions for building The Quick and Easy Stirling Engine.  This design can be built in a single evening (about 3 hours for most builders).  This is the most detailed set of instructions you will find anywhere for constructing a Stirling engine from pop cans.

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Quick and Easy Stirling Engine Book Cover

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Do you know how to make a working engine from soda cans? You do now! The Quick and Easy Stirling Engine book will show you every detail you need to know. There are no difficult secrets and no expensive parts to buy. With two soda cans and a few other materials you can build a running engine in just a few hours. 

The engine featured in this book was designed for use in educational settings. Consulting with several leading educators, this engine was designed so that it could be assembled with simple hand tools by most builders in about three hours. The parts list is simple and affordable. Simple hand tools are all that is required for assembling this engine.

Once assembled, the engine will spin a flywheel when the bottom is heated and ice is placed on top. This is a hot air engine design, sometimes referred to as a Stirling Engine. The engine makes motion by exercising a temperature differential. The bottom half of the engine must be warmed to about 250 degrees F, and the top of the engine must be cooled with cold water or ice. When these conditions are present, the engine will spin between 100 and 200 rpm.

The primary components of this engine are soda cans, copper wire, and an old CD. The adhesive that is used for construction is readily available at hardware stores. 

This engine is a fun project for students, home builders, hobbyists, and anyone who wants to learn how to make their own hot air engine from soda cans.

Publication Date:        Sep 01 2011
ISBN/EAN13:               1466277777 / 9781466277779
Page Count:                50
Binding Type:             US Trade Paper
Trim Size:                     6" x 9"
Language:                    English
Color:                            Black and White
Related Categories:  Science / General

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Quick and Easy Stirling Engine
Quick and Easy Stirling Engine

Help and How-To Videos for Building the Quick and Easy Stirling Engine

Sometimes it is easier to learn a new task if you can see it being done.  These video links will show you some of the key construction steps for assembling your Quick and Easy Stirling engine.  These videos are made to supplement the detailed instructions found in the book. 

Tutorial Video Links:


Please Note:  This engine utilizes a PVC pipe elbow as a key component.  This part is very common in the United States.  Those building the engine in Europe suggest using one of these parts as a substitute:

    PVC Elbow for Bonding 20 mm


The Videos Below Show the Finished Quick and Easy Stirling Engine:

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